Skrevet av: , publisert 20.11.2018

August 2019

ONE Dyas Norge enters into a sales agreement with Cairn Energy for the acquisition of 10% in license PL418, PL418B & PL378 containing the Nova development (currently pending authority approval)

April 2019

Merger of Oranje-Nassau Energie and Dyas is finalised

March 2019

Awarded 30% interest in the licence PL972, containing Vette discovery, through the APA 2018 licencing round

December 2018

Acquisition of 10% interest in licence PL847 & PL847B

November 2018

Dyas moves office to Smedvigkvartalet, Løkkeveien 109

July 2018

Acquisition of 13.3% interest in the Licence PL433. containing Fogelberg discovery

June 2018

Dyas Norge is pre-qualified as a licencee

April 2017

Dyas Norge AS office is established

November 2016

Dyas Norge AS is founded